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Interior Decor - Roncevalles Psychology Clinic

RPC was looking to create a special healing experience in a Victorian house on Roncesvalles Ave. The concept for the design I created for them was - Eclectic Home - the clientele feel comfortable and at ease the moment they walk through the door. I sourced unique and beautiful components - furniture, fixtures, furnishings and decor - a combination of antique, mid-century modern & new furniture combined with several  different wallpapers warm colours and eclectic accessories. I project managed the implementation of the design on time and on budget. The colour palette was inspired by the starburst logo created by Law Design.

I continue to work for RPC as their marketing director and designer - designing online ads, brochures, posters, postcards, presentations, interior/exterior signage, etc. I also do their seasonal decor - style and decorate facade, planters, reception and offices for seasonal celebrations and events, seasonal cards, and gift baskets. We recently transformed one office from an administration office to a mediation room. The result is a calm and inviting space.

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